A Playlist For … The Perfectly Balanced Study Sesh

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I’ve recently decided that I need to stop telling myself that it is okay to watch videos while I do my homework, or more realistically, attempt to do my homework. I find it laughable that I have somehow managed to convince myself that I can multitask at the caliber that I act like I can, which I say as I sit here typing with half of my screen playing an episode of “The Young and the Restless.” Earlier, when I said recently, I meant as I write this. To make this new realization possible, I have crafted a study playlist; something that is the perfect balance of hype enough to keep me awake without distracting me and with lyrics that are catchy but not enough to make me think about the lyrics. Here I present to you: music that keeps my silly little brain cells happy and titillated without taking away the little bit of concentration they can muster up themselves without any distractions. This playlist is actually 73 songs long and growing but here is a condensed 15-song version:

Groceries by Mallrat

Permission by Sucré

the end by MisterWives

Madonna by Snail Mail

Better Than Before by Gabriel Gifford and Sans Soucis

ghost by MisterWives

Just for me by PinkPantheress

Girl by Jukebox The Ghost

 Many Times by Dijon

 Ode to a Conversation Stuck in Your Throat by Del Water Gap

Tokyo Drift by Mallrat

 redesign by awfultune

Memphis by Kitten

Ways to Go by Grouplove 

Dream House by COIN

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