A Playlist For… Ending the Winter Blues

The birds wake in the mornings, as flowers begin to bloom; spring equinox has come. The cherry blossoms are blooming, and the sun radiates gently upon the grass and trees. It’s time to shake off the winter blues and step out into this season of change. It’s spring, just as we knew it would be. All the uncertainty and cold darkness of winter have given way at last to new days full of potential. Spring is a time to seize the day and lead yourself, to take advantage of everything to come as it is revealed. This playlist matches these emotions in a mix of mellow and blues. Going from Gil Scott-Heron and John Lennon to Nick Drake and Kacy & Clayton, to jamming out with All Night Boogie Band and Shuggie Otis, it’s a playlist full of reflection and good vibes to bring us into the season, as we prepare to relax for a week and allow ourselves the space to reset and anticipate. Get out there and soak it in. Happy Spring!

1.      I’ve Paid My Dues – All Night Boogie Band

2.      Lady Day and John Coltrane – Gil Scott-Heron

3.      Go Down River – The Heavy Heavy

4.      Watching the Wheels – John Lennon

5.      So Many Roads – Grateful Dead

6.      Funky Thithee – Shuggie Otis

7.      Kozmic Blues – Janis Joplin

8.      Mother Earth – Tracy Nelson

9.      Pink Moon – Nick Drake

10.  Springtime Of The Year – Kacy & Clayton

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