A Playlist For … Hometown Holidays

For me, going home for the holidays is filled with many emotions. On one hand, I am so tired and need the rest from school, but on the other I will miss all my friends dearly. 

The holidays remind me of some of the most formative memories of my childhood; spending time with family, opening gifts on Christmas and taking part in traditions. For my family music is a part of everything we do. So, naturally, I have songs I associate with this time of year that reflect who I was during those holiday seasons and songs that reflect the year-by-year changes I experienced. 

A favorite song I hear while decorating our Christmas tree every year, the songs played at every family party, the song I chose to listen to at midnight on New Year’s Eve for three years in a row, a song from the Harry Potter series that marathons every year on TV, songs from my drives home from college. All of these songs grew up with me and remind me of this nostalgic time of year.

1. Take me to Church — Hozier

2.  O Children — Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

3. A Long Way from Home  — The Kinks

4. Keep on Growing — Derek & The Dominos 

5. Changes — David Bowie

6. Come on Eileen — Denys Midnight Runners

7. Norwegian Wood —  The Beatles

8. The Weight — The Band

9. Life Goes On — The Kinks

 10. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) — Darlene Love