A Playlist For … An Intro to Post-Punk

Post-punk isn't a new genre, but bands in Britian are currently redefining the genre's sound. Photo Courtesy: Black Country, New Road on Bandcamp

If you are a seasoned fan of Harry Styles, you might have seen the video of him covering a song called “Wet Dream.” The original was done by a female-fronted group called Wet Leg, a band placed in a sector of rock called post-punk. It takes the classic punk sounds set in stone by legends like the Ramones, Sex Pistols and Joy Division and tones down the thrash for a less-aggressive, experimental type of music. The post-punk bands and spoken-word, long songs that have spawned recently as this genre takes over Britain is yet another example of how younger generations can take the sounds of yesteryear and put their own, unique spin on it.

When I saw the Styles cover video, I felt excited yet conflicted. I loved that people were finally going to hear a song from one of my favorite semi-niche genres, but also was a little afraid that people would not fully “get” it. Lucky for you, I consider myself educated enough on the new-wave, dancey and even gothy mish-mosh that is post-punk and will be giving you my top recommendations. It’s hard to describe a music genre in a short intro to an article, but hopefully listening to these tunes will give you the chance to immerse yourself in the state of modern post-punk. Happy exploring!

Athens, France – Black Country, New Road

Beautiful Blue Sky – Ought 

Jumper – Courting

Scratchcard Lanyard – Dry Cleaning

Wire – Omni

Starstruck – Sorry

Slow – black midi

Deaf – Just Mustard

Snow Day – shame

Post Ryan – Gilla Band 

Тоска – Molchat Doma

Chaise Longue – Wet Leg

Don’t Cling to Life – The Murder Capital

Colossus – IDLES

Hurricane Laughter – Fontaines D.C.

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