A Playlist For…Going Through Something (But I Don’t Know What)

Maybe it’s Libra season, maybe it’s something with the sun or the moon or something else that sounds right for a SUNY New Paltz student to blame their mood or life on, but something has just been off. My friend who actively wears crystals (this is me adding credibility) told me that Libra season levels things out and brings open-mindedness to new ideas and things you didn’t like before. Honestly, I’m not sure how much of that I believe or how much of it I want to be true. Regardless of any of that, something is not right. Nothing specific has happened, there has been no change to my schedule, no friend drama, no change has occurred, no change, that would normally send me into a frenzy that is. Simply nothing has happened that would explain or justify my even more intense scatterbrain ways or the way my feelings towards nothing in particular yet everything at once have magnified tenfold. Since I clearly cannot put into words how I am feeling or what led me to feeling this way I instead created a playlist entitled, “I’m going through something but idk what it is” in an attempt to figure things out.

Shit Show by Peter McPoland

Arms Tonite by Mother Mother

Silk Chiffon by MUNA ft. Phoebe Bridgers

nothing else i could do by ella jane

Slide by chloe mk

The Soundtrack to Missing A Slam Dunk by Hot Mulligan

Somebody I F*cked Once by Zolita

One More Weekend by Maude Latour

blame game by mxmtoon

Hayloft by Mother Mother

Ribs by Lorde

Where’d All The Time Go? By Dr. Dog

You Stupid B*tch by girl in red

Adulting by Beach Bunny

Working for the Knife by Mitski

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