A “Smash” Hit

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS is the fourth game in the Super Smash Bros. series, and the first to be playable on a handheld gaming device. The game adds many new playable characters, including classics such as Mega Man, Pac Man and Little Mac, pushing the character count up to 51. A new hectic game mode called “Smash Run” was also added. In addition, another new feature is character customization which allows players to give characters unique special moves and equipment to change their gameplay. For me, Smash Bros. is not a game about features and content. It is all about the gameplay, and Smash Bros. 3DS excels in this area. The physics feel smooth, the controls are incredibly precise and every character feels great to play. The character balance is the best to ever grace the series. Every character feels like they can put up a good fight, there are no characters that seem completely outclassed by the rest of the roster. The game is excellent for new players and veterans alike. Smash Bros. 3DS manages to be very user friendly, yet deep and advanced as well. It all depends on how you decide to play the game. Some players will opt to turn items on and play on ridiculous stages. Others will turn them off and play on Final Destination, with no obstacles, so they can focus solely on fighting. No game is perfect, and every flaw I found with this game was linked to the Nintendo 3DS. The biggest complaint I have is the game’s online play. The online matches are often choppy and laggy, making it difficult to have a good experience. There is no way to message or friend request players you’ve had matches with. The 3DS simply doesn’t have the proper functionality to create a decent online environment. There are very few features in the game compared to the last game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. There is no story mode, no custom vs. modes and a very limited single-player mode. Players cannot adjust the amount of items in matches. The 3DS is limited in power and simply cannot handle too many items at once. The lack of modes and options is certainly due to the lack of processing power on the 3DS. Many players have also had their 3DS circle pads break thanks to the many strong inputs the game forces them to make. Despite these flaws, this is still Super Smash Bros. This is the most fun you can have on the 3DS. The game’s mechanics are nearly flawless, and the massive range of characters, stages and customization will leave people playing this for a long time. The game’s brilliance overshadows the flaws of the 3DS. The gameplay is what is most important, and it is as good as it gets. Playing Smash Bros. on the go is an experience that nobody should miss. There is no doubt that Smash Bros. 3DS is the greatest fighting game to ever hit a handheld console, as well as the greatest party game to ever hit a handheld console.


9/10 Excellent