All You Need Is A Dollar

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Just-A-Buck dollar store held their grand opening on Oct. 23 at their new store front in New Paltz, with a hiring practice that has residents buzzing.

The large flow of customer traffic behind a great community in New Paltz is only going to help this store succeed, according to store manager Matt Heupler.

Just-A-Buck in New Paltz teamed up with the Ulster Green ARC community to provide full and part-time jobs to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They support a diverse workforce where their employees feel like they are appreciated and a part of something, said Heupler.

“Just-A-Buck is a place where employees can shine and grow to careers,” Heupler said.

Employees take part in training classes before they begin to work a wide variety of jobs in the store.

Katina Hernandez, one of Just-A-Buck’s employees, spends part of her work day stocking shelves and the rest of her day running the register.

“It’s fun and the customers are nice,” Hernandez said.

Just-A-Buck also has overseer employees from Ulster Green ARC that support the ARC members in their new jobs and lend a helping hand when needed. The pairing works to make sure each employee feels comfortable and enjoys their new work environment.

“I like the fact that they hire and train who they do,” New Paltz resident Sara Colon said. “It’s very nice and I think it is good for this community.”

Employees like Hernandez believe Just-A-Buck will be good for the community, not only because it is a new business, it also offers great one dollar deals as the store’s name entitles. Hernandez said they have received nothing but compliments from the customers walking in.

“It’s just a dollar,” Colon said. “They don’t just say it and then you come in here and its $1.49 or $1.99.”

Just-A-Buck sells products from holiday decorations to kitchen supplies. Customers enjoy these lower prices as they are lower than any other store in town.

“I think this store is another great alternative to buy cheaper items that you can use over and over again,” Melissa Feldmann, a member of the SUNY New Paltz ESL department said.

Just-A-Buck is open seven days a week and is located right off Main St. in New Paltz, next to the ShopRite grocery store.

It is the only dollar store in New Paltz where a dollar means a dollar, according to Heupler.