An Ode to Newcomers and Old Friends

I didn’t really ever want to join The Oracle. On one hand, it seemed like a ton of work in an anxiety inducing environment. On the other, I knew it was a great opportunity I could show to future employers.

That’s why when then features copy editor turned A&E editor Briana Bonfiglio asked me if I wanted to join over dinner one day, I sat on it. This mulling over whether or not it would be worth it probably went on for about a week before I decided to join on what felt like a whim (but really it was me defeating my entering a large group of people anxiety). 

Adapting to working on the paper was quicker and easier than I ever could’ve imagined, and it was all thanks to the wonderful people I’ve worked with since February. 

Jack: The moment you anointed me president of The New Paltz Oracle was the first moment I felt like I was truly happy being a part of this organization. Having the EIC be this funny, relatable guy played a tremendous role in my transition. You were a guy I felt comfortable asking where “fuck Jack” and “I’m Jack” came from, and when we were planning on working on that 4/20 waste article together I was PUMPED. You have bad opinions on things, but I still love ya.

Jackson: You’re one of the funniest guys I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, and that made suffering through the first couple production nights way easier. It was a pleasure making faces and dumb jokes at you from across the room.

Rob: My precious boy. Getting to know you better outside of the office was one of the highlights of last summer. Hanging more hasn’t been happening as often as I’d like, but when stuff piles up what can you do right? I’m super proud you took on the Managing Editor role, you’re perfect for it (and me <3).

Briana: Obviously it would be easy to get gushy here, but nobody wants to see that and we have an image to keep. Thanks for pushing me to take that news copy editor position, I never would have even considered it without you. 

Mel: One time during my first production night you chastised me for being confused and looking around the room instead of actually copy editing like I was supposed to. I thought you were super mean and didn’t like you as a result. However, this semester you’ve shown how funny, nice and cool you can be as a leader, and I’ve really appreciated that. And hey, I haven’t disliked you since, yay!

Meg: I couldn’t have asked for a better partner (or the closest thing we can get to having a partner doing this stuff) for my first semester on board. You always made me feel good about my work, and the few talks we had about what we want to do in the future and stuff were nice! Thanks for always complimenting my outfits in a not-annoying way too, that’s not easy to do. 

Rachael: I honestly don’t know if I could’ve had a better first editor. You were always understanding and made me feel great about the work I was doing, work I would’ve been unsure of otherwise. You really helped me gain confidence about my skills, in turn allowing me to get better. Not only that, but you’ve shown an ability to take on new roles with ease, and I’m sure that’ll carry into the EIC position. Nice pants.

Congrats to everyone else for their new positions as well!

If you weren’t mentioned by name, please believe it’s almost strictly because my lungs feel like a hornet’s nest right now and I need to stop writing. There was not a single person I worked with who wasn’t a great person.

For all the new members that just joined The Oracle, welcome! No discredit to the journalism faculty here at New Paltz but this paper is truly where I learned to become a reporter. Class was where I learned the skills to become a journalist, The Oracle is where I learned how to put them all together. And frankly, I don’t think that’s unique to me.

For all you people I haven’t convinced to join, Adam Bosch once told my class (as I’m sure he told many others) that every student he’s ever known to go on and get some job after college was on The Oracle, or at least contributed. I think I know why that is.