Andy Warhol’s Works Brighten Dorsky Museum

Beginning Saturday, Feb. 10, the works of Andy Warhol will be on display at the Dorsky Museum. This exhibit, titled “Marking Time: Andy Warhol’s Vision of Celebrations, Commemorations, and Anniversaries” will be curated by Reva Wolf.

These museums include UAlbany’s University Art Museum, SUNY Purchase’s Neuberger Museum, the Francis Lehman Loeb Center at Vassar College and the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College. Each exhibit will focus on a different theme of Warhol’s work, creating a uniquely immersive experience for those who visit them. 

Because the theme of the exhibit at the Dorsky is “Marking Time,” the exhibit features photos that document the passage of time and significant events in history, as well as photographs of everyday life. 

One of the centerpieces of the Dorsky’s exhibit is a set of screenprints commemorating the five-year anniversary of JFK’s assassination entitled “Flash- November 22, 1963.” 

According to the Dorsky website, this series “…reminds us of our indirect yet intense experience of this profound historical event.” Additionally, there are prints commemorating the centennial of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Cologne Cathedral. 

These prints serve as starkly beautiful contrast to photographs of everyday celebrations, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Warhol’s crisp documentation of both massive historical events as well as commonplace ones demonstrates his versatility as an artist. 

The exhibit will also be accompanied by a catalogue, displaying the artworks alongside essays by New Paltz students. These essays are the product of a course taught by Reva Wolf, who is recognized as an expert on Warhol and has authored many publications about his work. 

The works in these joint exhibitions were drawn both from the collections of the five museums, and from works donated by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts.

Additionally, New Paltz and Vassar will co-host a conference to discuss the history and significance of Warhol’s work. This symposium, which begins April 12 at Vassar, is titled “Displaying Warhol: Exhibition as Interpretation.”

It will begin at New Paltz on April 13, with a panel discussions featuring the curators of the exhibitions. 

It goes without saying that we at The Oracle believe in the importance of art in public spaces. It’s fantastic that SUNY New Paltz is a part of an exhibition with four other colleges in the area, especially considering Warhol’s importance as a figure for the arts in New York State.