Sport or Not? Dating Apps


As a college student, it’s natural to encounter dating apps. Whether you’re swiping left and right on Tinder or having a deep conversation on Bumble, this new wave of meeting people virtually has become normal (especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic.) Thousands of people all over the world are downloading these apps and creating accounts in attempts to find what they’re looking for. Their highlight reel profiles may consist of their best photos, funny quotes, their favorite music or cheesy pickup lines. Once their profiles are to their liking, the virtual matchmaking begins.  

I believe that dating apps are considered a sport.

With each match, users are filled with a sense of accomplishment and validation, similar to winning a game. Typically, dating app users are found swiping furiously left and right on their phones, with intense adrenaline and anticipation. This becomes a sort of competition, seeing how many matches they’re able to receive amongst the thousands of other users using the app, which mirrors the dedication that athletes feel for their sports. If you’re looking for a new sport to pick up that requires little to no effort other than your fingers swiping on your phone screen, try downloading a dating app.

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