Horoscopes: Week of December 8

On December 8th, the Sun in Sagittarius will oppose Mars in Gemini.

Aries: You are being dealt both bountiful opportunities and pressing responsibilities. It is imperative that you tend to your childhood wounds through it all. New ventures are popping up that you’d love to explore; do not let yourself be stagnant. You have the ability to create a strong work ethic. What’s important is making sure you have a strong sense of self first.

Taurus: Pay careful attention to your ego. Understand that your most violent wants are not always what will benefit you. Evaluate your situation and make sure that what you chase after is meant for you. New desires in areas of your education and your friendships may be popping up and it’s important that you don’t rush into them, but don’t ignore them either. Most importantly, don’t fall back into self-hatred.

Gemini: You’re exhausted and you can’t rest. You’re surrounding yourself with other people and you’re devoted to your career, but you’re outside of your own body. You have an intense desire to possess everyone around you so that you can avoid what scares you. You will be forced to confront yourself soon. You can’t resist this anymore.

Cancer: Be careful with finding comfort in misery. You want to expand your life, leave everything behind and start anew, but you’re chained down to both yourself and your responsibilities. You need to find a balance, but you also have to be willing to fight for the things you want. What do you hold closest to your heart? How can you learn to put that first?

Leo: Tend to your duties while enjoying your life to its fullest. You have fears holding you back and deeper anxieties about your morality and your goodness. You worry that you are becoming hedonistic. There’s nothing wrong with self-indulgence. You don’t have to feel guilty for trying to make the most of your days. You aren’t a failure for taking care of yourself.

Virgo: Restrictions being placed on you are becoming claustrophobic. You want to be uninhibited, but you feel as though you can’t do any of the things you want. You want to go home — but where is home? Maybe home is a person, not a place. Maybe home can be created wherever you physically are. Home does not have to be tinged with poison. Can you find a home within yourself, and can you retreat there in your most trying times?

Libra: Your words are incredibly powerful right now. You have to wield them carefully and intentionally. Redefine your burdens and foster a greater sense of peace. Your responsibilities do not have to be terrifying. Confide in people you trust and revisit childhood friends. What lessons did they teach you? How can you employ those lessons now? 

Scorpio: You may be dealing with debts right now, spiritual or literal, that are starting to feel neverending. You need to begin the process of tackling each debt, healing each wound and repaying what must be repaid. Karma is powerful; use it to your advantage. You need to find ways to fight through any distress. You are a good person. Any loneliness or anything you owe can never negate that.

Sagittarius: You have an incredible ability to apply yourself right now. You can be on fire, so long as you believe that you are capable. Ghosts from the past are haunting you, but you do not have to fall for their tricks. The present is now. You are doing the best you can, and it’s more than good enough. Be kind to yourself in hard moments and take advantage of good ones. You are going to reach so many heights.

Capricorn: Understand that you are allowed to love yourself. Be willing to admit when you are wrong, but don’t assume you are just because someone else thinks so. Be aware of your insecurities and don’t let them dominate your life. You deserve to be heard. Find balance between being stubborn and being a pushover. Be careful of becoming manipulative; it is just as unproductive as becoming sedentary. 

Aquarius: Become attuned with what you really need to be at peace. Your usual methods may be futile. It’s okay if you need more rest right now; you cannot survive without protecting your wellbeing. Your self-esteem may be fragile, too. Understand that no matter what mistakes you make, there is nothing evil about you. You don’t have to be a scared, insecure child ever again.

Pisces: Have faith that good things are coming. Do not let insecurities and inadequacy complexes drag you down. You feel like you’ll never live up to others’ expectations, but why do they matter so much? You are allowed to redefine your standards. You can live for yourself while remaining selfless. You can’t keep living with your pain anymore. Learn that it’s necessary to let go.

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