Athlete of the Week: Ella Malanga

Fourth-year lacrosse player Ella Malanga was a Hawks’ Athlete of the Week! Photo courtesy of New Paltz Athletic Department.

The SUNY New Paltz Athletic Department named fourth-year lacrosse player Ella Malanga as one of their two athletes of the week! Ella is originally from Riverhead, New York, and is majoring in communication disorders. I was lucky enough to conduct a short interview with her! 

Being a fourth-year, what were your favorite moments from your Hawks lacrosse career?

“As a senior, some of my favorite moments were the simple ones. Spending bus rides with my teammates, celebrating wins in the locker room, and sharing laughs. We set new records this season in wins, and received the highest playoff seed in NPWL history which made my last season even more memorable.”

How would you compare the 2023 season (9-7 record) to the previous two you played in?

“As a program, we have continued to grow each year, and reach new highs/records both as individuals and as a team. The players who have graduated in the past few years have set up our team for success, and allowed us to be more competitive with the higher-ranked teams in the SUNYAC, especially this season.”

To someone who doesn’t watch lacrosse, how would you “pitch” the sport? 

“The game of women’s lacrosse is a game of finesse. It allows you to be creative, and use a variety of skills to get the ball in the back of the net. It is a fast-paced game with a medium amount of contact that requires all players on the field to work together both offensively and defensively.”

I noticed your bio said you enjoy a good book, any recommendations? 

“I do enjoy reading! It is a great hobby to pass the time and focus on other things. One of my favorite books is ‘Every Summer After’ by Carley Fortune.”