Athlete of the Week

Photo by Holly Lipka.

Athlete of the Week – Natalie Stewart

SPORT: Cheerleading

YEAR:  Second

MAJOR: Political Science

HOMETOWN: Tampa, Florida


How Did You First Start Playing Cheerleading?

My mother put me into gymnastics when I was young, and I became a pretty serious gymnast in elementary and middle school. I was in the gym six hours a day, homeschooled, traveling for competitions, the whole deal. I adored tumbling so when I got out of gymnastics in high school, I wanted to continue. I checked out an all-star gym and just got hooked with the energy of cheerleading.

Outside Of Cheerleading What Do You Like To Do?

I don’t really have much down time. When I do though, I’m usually hiking. I grew up in Florida (I moved to New York in 2012), so mountains and I are still in the honeymoon phase of our relationship. My sister and I are always going on adventures, trying to find new trails around the Hudson Valley for us to conquer. I really just enjoy being outdoors.

Who Are Your Biggest Role Models?

My biggest role models are my sister, Alexander Hamilton and a golden retriever in an upper-middle class family, in that order.

Are You A Fan Of Any Teams?

Yes, I like hockey (Tampa Bay Lightning and Chicago Blackhawks) and baseball (Tampa Bay Rays).

Do You Have Any Superstitions?

I have zero superstitions. Literally none.

What’s Your Favorite Sports Memory?

Catching Kintura (my flyer). She always lands only on me and we both end up wiping out on the floor. Makes me laugh every time.


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