Athlete of the Week: Miranda Britton

Miranda Britton

For their second edition of the Fall ‘23 season’s Athlete of the Week, the SUNY New Paltz Athletic Department as well as students and fellow sports fans elected second-year women’s field hockey forward Miranda Britton to bear the title. 

Last season, she had only played two out of 16 games, but in the combined 432 minutes of gametime she scored seven goals — the third most on the team. With 11 graduating seniors last season, however, Britton knew she had a chance to shine this season as a returner; she stepped up to the plate in a big way. 

So far, Britton has completed a hat trick including the game-tying goal in her team’s 5-4 essential win over Skidmore a few weeks ago. She is known on her team for her grit and her clean assists. 

With only two games left until the SUNYAC tournament and having already secured the second-seed spot after winning their Geneseo game on Oct. 21, Britton and her team still have a lot of work to do to be able to get their conference title.  

“We’re all just continuing to move forward,” says Britton. “We’re not dwelling on any of our past games or past mistakes. We can’t cap at beating Geneseo once; we need to win our game on Wednesday to finish out our conference play. We just need to keep getting better.” 

Their last conference game is later today, Oct. 25, against Oneonta on the North Turf.

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