Athlete of the Week: Cory Garcia

Photo by Rachael Purtell.

Sport: Basketball

Position: Point Guard

Year: Second

Hometown: Highland, New York

Major: Undeclared


How Did You First Start Playing Basketball?

I first started playing basketball as a second grader on my dad’s CYO team because my brother was in third grade and he coached their team, so I played up a level from the start and that really helped me out.

Outside Of Playing Basketball, What Do You Like To Do?

Other than basketball I like to work and that’s about it. I’m usually always playing basketball every day.

Who Are Your Biggest Role Models?

I would say my biggest role model is the point guard for the Nets back in the day, Jason Kidd. He was very unselfish with the ball and I wanted to play point guard just like him.

Are You A Fan Of Any Professional Teams?

Unfortunately, I am a fan of the Brooklyn Nets who are currently the worst team in the NBA. But back when they had Jason Kidd they were really good.

Do You Have Any Sports-Related Superstitions?

This is kind of a weird one, I don’t like to take naps on game days because it makes me feel tired for the game.

What’s Your Favorite Sports Memory?

Probably back in high school when I was playing baseball because that’s the only time I’ve ever won a championship.