Athlete of the Week: Julia Friedman

Photo courtesy of sports information.

Sport: Soccer

Position: Defender

Year: Fourth

Major: Communication Disorders

Hometown: Centerport, New York


How Did You First Start Playing Soccer?

I first started playing soccer after I saw my older brother playing. I loved playing around my house with my brother and dad, so my mom signed me up when I was three. I was so small and I didn’t fit into the league’s uniforms so my parents had to search all over Long Island for uniform shorts and cleats that fit me.

Outside Of Playing Soccer, What Do You Like To Do?

Outside of soccer I love to travel, snowboard and hang out with my friends and family.

Who Are Your Biggest Role Models?

My biggest role models are my parents, who are incredibly selfless and loving. They always inspire me to work hard and be the best version of myself I can be.

Are You A Fan Of Any Professional Teams?

I love watching the men’s and women’s US National soccer teams.

Do You Have Any Sports-Related Superstitions?

I’m not so superstitious anymore but when I was little, the uniform shorts I wore had a little pocket in them and every time I played a game, I had to have a penny in my pocket. I called it my lucky penny and my mom said if I didn’t have it I would freak out.

What’s Your Favorite Sports Memory?

My favorite sports memory is when I studied abroad with my friends in Italy, we found a turf field and we would play pick-up against the local Italian guys. It is not popular for girls to play soccer there so the guys were in disbelief when we wanted to play and then embarrassed when we beat them. There were always people walking by who would point at us and come watch because they were all shocked to see us playing.