Athlete of the Week: Morgan Roessler

Photo courtesy of sports information.

Sport: Volleyball & Basketball

Year: Fourth

Hometown: Massapequa

Major: Communications

Position: Outside Hitter & Guard/Forward 


How Did You First Start Playing Volleyball And Basketball?

I started playing basketball when I was very young, probably around 3rd grade. I have been around the sport my whole life since my mom was the coach at my local high school. A few times a week after elementary school I would have my dad drop me off at her practices to watch all of the different drills she ran and shoot on the side baskets. I started playing volleyball in 7th and 8th grade for the middle school team. After middle school, I didn’t touch a volleyball again until junior year of high school because I wanted to play soccer instead. When I started playing volleyball again, I fell in love with the sport and knew I wanted to play in college.

Outside Of Playing Volleyball and Basketball, What Do You Like To Do?

Outside of playing volleyball and basketball, I like to work out. I really enjoy either being in the gym lifting weights or running outside. I also love going to the beach when I am home, no matter what the weather is. Besides that I just like to be around all of my friends.

Who Are Your Biggest Role Models?

My biggest role model is my mom. When I was younger, any time someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always say, “A gym teacher and a coach because that is what my mom does.” I really admire her and love the way she looks at life because she just enjoys it and everything she does. 

Are You A Fan Of Any Professional Teams?

I am not really a fan of professional sports, I don’t really watch any until playoffs start. However, I love watching college basketball. 

Do You Have Any Sports-Related Superstitions?

I have a few superstitions. In volleyball, before the match starts and we shake hands with the other team, as we walk across the end line before I have to touch the corner of the court with my right foot. As we walk up to the net I touch the bottom of the antennae with my hand and then shake the other team’s hands. When the game starts, between each point that we are receiving, I touch the nearest sideline and part of the 10 foot line with my right foot before getting to where I am supposed to be before the other team serves.

What’s Your Favorite Sports Memory?

My favorite sports memory is winning a SUNYAC championship in volleyball and basketball here at SUNY New Paltz. Since we hosted both  championships, the atmosphere was just incredible. There were so many people in the stands, it was an incredible feeling to play in front of a crowd like that and then reactions of everyone from the girls on the team to all of the fans when we won was priceless.