BAD ATTITUDE: NP Alumni Kablamo Releases New Psych-Rock EP

On Nov. 24 2023, New Paltz band Kablamo released their newest EP, BAD ATTITUDE.

 The EP, which features two unique songs titled “Bad” and “Attitude,” is a dreamy mix of alternative, indie and psych-rock influences. The first song, Bad, partially inspired by a bad Hinge date, is a contemplative song about a relationship. “I wrote the new EP about dealing with other people and being with someone,” guitarist and singer Santiago Coto Segnini said. “The whole point of the song is you’re saying that this person wants to make you bad, but you’re the bad person.” He continued, “I just wrote it on the spot. I came up with the chorus hook and I liked it a lot. Then, I came up with the other parts to complement the chorus. I think that’s where the money was.”

Attitude, the second song on the EP was created in a matter of just a few days by the other half of Kablamo, singer and drummer, Julia Bellontine. The project was originally created in May of 2023, but never got saved to Bellontine’s hard drive; the entire project was lost except for a demo. “It was very disappointing, but I just went straight into trying to remake it,” said Bellontine. 

Like Bad, the lyrics of Attitude also focus on a relationship. According to Bellontine, “the lyrics are about when you focus so much on your love life that you forget to develop a sense of purpose and spiritual awakening.”

The band was formed in 2020 at SUNY New Paltz when friends Bellontine and Segnini left their previous band to form Kablamo. According to Segnini, “when we first started it was self-indulgent psychedelic rock. Whatever we were feeling: riffy, trippy stuff. And as we kept doing music, we’ve gotten more shoegaze like alt-rock, just straight-up indie rock.” He continued, “now we’re just kind of down to do anything.” 

BAD ATTITUDE is the first release of original music since the band’s debut EP Kablamo in September of 2022. But according to the band, it won’t be the only new music coming out soon. “We’ve just been writing a lot,” said Bellontine. “Throughout the past three years, Santi and I have been writing music and new songs that haven’t seen the world yet. But lately, we’ve been writing new stuff that we’re even more excited about.” 

“We might have something come out in like two or three months,” said Segnini. “I would say in the next like two months, we definitely will have dates.” Since the band has tentative plans to release a new album within a year, fans who have been waiting for new music can start to get excited. 

To stay informed on any upcoming releases from the dynamic duo, make sure to follow Kablamo on Instagram @kablamo.ny  and stream BAD ATTITUDE on your chosen streaming platform.