Bby Carrots Debut New Single ‘Lovely Mess’

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On Jan. 21, local New Paltz indie group Bby Carrots released a new single titled “Lovely Mess.” The song follows their Nov. 27 release “Long Distance Space,” and both songs are included on an EP the band is set to release sometime this year. 

The band — made up of Julia Bellontine, Santiago Coto Segnini, Elizabeth Heh, Aidan Ludlam, Ryan Perrone and Alex Endres — has been working around the COVID-19 pandemic to keep the New Paltz music scene alive by holding multiple performances during the fall semester in their garage and at other various outdoor venues.  Since 2018, they have released four singles and one EP, Sparkle Time . They describe themselves as “your locally grown indie/psychedelic/r&b/pop band” on their Spotify page. 

The process for “Lovely Mess” started when singer Heh wrote the backbone for it on her own. The rest of the group was “obsessed” with it and turned it into a full song. 

“The first night we tried playing together was magical,” drummer Bellontine said. “We were on the same page and everything felt right.” 

The band has been playing and making improvements to the songs on their EP for almost two years, so they’re excited to share it with the world.

“These are our babies,” Bellontine said. “It was the first time that all of us truly got together and put all of our heads into something.” 

Make sure to check out Bby Carrots new single “Lovely Mess” available now on streaming services!

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