Better Late Than Never: My Time with The Oracle

The time has come. My days in the office with the orange walls are coming to an end. After transferring to New Paltz, starting with the Spring 2016 semester, it took me a little bit to reach out to the paper. But once I stopped worrying so much about my social life and started worrying more about my post-college life, I began asking myself, “why the hell are you not writing for your school’s paper?”

While it’s only been two full semesters that I’ve been an e-board member, it feels much longer and it should’ve been much longer for me. But as they say, it’s better late than never. From working as a sports copy editor to becoming news editor, this wouldn’t have been possible without these special people:

Michael Rosen: I’m mentioning you first because I wouldn’t be on this staff without you. You gave me Yankee and Ranger columns as a contributor in the spring 2017 semester, which built my confidence immediately and led me to eventually joining staff. I got to join the sports section full-time last semester and it was some of the most fun I had with The Oracle working with you and Rob. So thank you, and let’s see a Subway Series game this summer. I don’t even care which ballpark it’s at.

Jack O’Brien: I had the TLR class with you in the Spring 2017 semester and I remember you giving me good feedback on my articles despite not being a Yankee or Rangers fan. That meant a lot coming from the EIC as a contributor. We didn’t get to know each other too well, but it was always fun chatting with you in the back of that class about sports.

Mel: I had my first journalism class (J2) in New Paltz, and I remember you going out of your way to give me a sources contact information for the beat I was working on. You’re a great reporter and it was fun interning with you up in Albany at the Gazette this semester. I’m about to join you in the Oracle’s former News Editors club.

Speaking of, I have to take a side-note from shouting out Oracle people, to give a special thank you to Legislative Gazette editor James Gormley for working with me this semester and further improving my reporting skills with reporting on state politics. I haven’t always been availiable to go up to Albany due to my crazy schedule, but you’ve aseemed to understand my circumstances.

Meg: Another former news editor and fellow East Islip alum. In your reflection, you described the News section as an “awful, terrible, beautiful gift.” That was a great way to put it when describing this section. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in New Paltz.

Anthony: It’s been great becoming friends with you since I’ve joined the staff. You’re a great guy and I’ve glad that I can call you a friend. “Will, are you crying?” We will definitely be going to some type of sporting event whether it’s baseball, hockey or something else in the near future. 

Nicole: Thanks for stepping into the News Section mid-semester and contributing positively right away. Whichever section you write for in the future will be benefit from your talented writing. 

Madalyn: It was fun (ok, maybe sometimes it wasn’t that fun) going through the process of learning InDesign, with both of us being new page editors. You’re going to keep contributing greatly to the paper no matter what role you find yourself in. 

Matt Schenfeld: Nice to see you join in mid-semester and join the sports section. You were always hard at work in the office this semester, which was refreshing to see. It’s also an added bonus that you are a Yankees fan, I got lonely with all the Mets fans in the office prior to you joining staff. Keep up the good work in sports going forward. 

Cloey: I’m looking forward to seeing how your idea for an Oracle magazine comes about. It’s a great idea that should be successful. Good luck with everything!

Jimmy: I was so happy to see you come to elections at the end of the fall semester since I’ve known you since I’ve gotten to New Paltz. You took the sports editor role mid-semester and did not panic one bit. You’re a funny and good dude. You are the most qualified to be leading the sports section into the future.

Jake and Gabby: You two stepped in right away this semester and contributed to A&E. I was excited to find out that you were both going to be page editors for next semester. Keep on thriving! 

Also Gabby, I can’t forget that one time you played Paramore and I got very excited.

Alicia: I always appreciated the positive attitude and good spirits that you bring to the office. I’m glad you’re still going to be with The Oracle.

Natalie: It was fun sitting next to you when all the chaos would happen on Wednesday night’s this semester. You did a great job with taking over the Features Section and you’re going to make a great managing editor. 

Max: As a first time page editor, I was super happy to have you as a copy editor. You have a nose for news and a great personality that can brighten up any room. I’m so glad that you are going to be the next News Editor and I can’t wait to see what you do with the section. I’m always a phone call or text away as well!

Rachael: I’ll always be appreciative that you believed in a sports guy like me to become the News Editor. It’s something that I never took lightly. Thanks for always working through my inDesign issues with me (it’s a tough software!). We hit it off right away, it seemed like even when I was still a copy editor when the sports boys and you would go to wing night with us. I’ve had great times in the office, wing night, Pencil Hill and other notable places in town with you that I will always look back on and cherish as I get ready to leave New Paltz. I’ll always consider you one of my closest friends from New Paltz. You are the right person to lead the paper going forward and I’m excited for the future of The Oracle with you at the helm. You’ll be successful with whatever you do in life due to your great work ethic. 

Rob: Motown Philly back again! I first met you back in the fall 2016 semester when we had arts writing together. We hit it off right away, but we didn’t become close until I joined the staff. You joined a semester prior to me but from the moment that I joined staff, you made me feel welcomed from the start. The fall semester, we were the best sports section ever with the two of us and Michael. Who could top the Sunny references, Francesa moments, throwing pens across the office. 

This spring, we added becoming Managing and News Editors to our resumes, went crazy with trips to Bistro, putting Bs in front of everything. What shit didn’t we say or do during our time on this paper? We went through the ups and downs that can occur with being on this paper together and we handled it very well I’d say. Not only have you become one of my closest New Paltz friends, but you have become one of closest friends in general. Now let’s go to some ballparks in the northeast. 

That about does it for me. For the former and current co-workers that I didn’t mention, it’s nothing personal, it’s just a spacing issue (I’m thinking like a page editor). It was an honor serving as the News Editor for this past semester. I can say without a doubt that joining The Oracle was the best thing that I did during my time at SUNY New Paltz.