Beyond New Paltz: The Golden Notebook

Name: The Golden Notebook

Location: 29 Tinker St., Woodstock, NY 12498 

Phone number: 845-679-8000 

Description: Named after Doris Lessing’s iconic book, The Golden Notebook feels like home. It’s warm, colorful, cozy and has everything that an indie bookshop should provide and more. The bookstore celebrated its 40th anniversary on Sept. 15. Although they almost had to close their doors in 2010 because of places like Amazon and corporate bookstores like Barnes and Noble, The Golden Notebook has established itself as a destination and a cornerstone of the Woodstock community.

Why Go: This store focuses on books and literature about music, because of the musical reputation of Woodstock. The shelves represent the personalities and book tastes of those that work there. The owners and the staff are deeply educated and immersed in a vast array of literature, and want to have conversations with the community and all who walk through their doors about what to read. Stop by, ask the staff what they’re reading, maybe ask for a recommendation and support indie bookstores! 

How to Get There: Drive yourself or grab a friend with a car and head to Woodstock. The 40-minute ride is worth the trip to visit the Golden Notebook and walk around this great town in the Hudson Valley.

Dani Gardner
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