Beyond New Paltz: The Egg’s Nest

Name: The Egg’s Nest

Location: 1300 NY-213, High Falls, NY 12440

Phone number: 845-687-7255

Description: The Egg’s Nest is known for its beautifully decorated interior and eclectic, painted exterior. Each wall of The Egg’s Nest is covered in a collage of photos, cutouts and portraiture that creates a unique environment—it’s like a fun-house turned elegant. Venture around the restaurant to view different artistic themes: beaded curtains in the front room, an alcove with old-timey photographs near the bar and a staircase with dozens of pears painted on each step. The bar emulates a rustic saloon, and even the bathroom is nicely decorated—it’s not every day your washroom has bedazzled, painted walls and a gorgeous chandelier at its entrance. 

Why Go: The funky restaurant has good service, a lovely atmosphere and an extensive food and drink menu. From the moment you enter The Egg’s Nest, it’s easy to tell that the place has that special “something”—its novelty and charm makes it the perfect spot for a celebratory meal, or even a normal Friday night dinner with your loved ones. 

How to Get There: The most convenient way to get to High Falls is by car, but if you don’t have access to one, or prefer a greener option, the UCAT CL route will take you from New Paltz to the High Falls Rt. 213 stop at Mohonk Rd., dropping you off directly in front of the restaurant!

Dani Walpole
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