Beyond New Paltz: Breakneck Ridge

Name: Breakneck Ridge

Location: Philipstown/Fishkill, NY

Phone number: This mountain range does not have a phone number, but you can visit for all the information you may need.

Description: OK, to be honest, this is no walk in the park; its difficulty rating is 10/10 for hikes. However, I have in fact done it, so I wholeheartedly believe that unless you have an actual physical disability, respectfully, you can do this hike. It’s called “breakneck” for a reason. During the ascension, I was on all fours for most of it, not necessarily because I had to be, but it definitely made it easier. Plus, it’s a full-body workout! Plus, plus, you’ll feel even better rewarding yourself with the yummy food that Beacon has to offer once you get back down the mountain.

Why Go: It’s finally starting to warm up, not that winter hikes aren’t a totally normal thing around here. I am a Hudson Valley native myself so the dead trees and spots of white on the ground don’t bother me too much. Doing this trail, or any hike in general, is quite a feeling. You feel so accomplished with every new height you reach. If you’re from the area, you might even bump into an old history teacher of yours with a 10 pound backpack and walking sticks climbing faster than you (true story). Or, perhaps you’re a lone wolf who needs some “Wild” type self discovery. Either way, the views overlooking the Hudson River are incredible, calming and Instagram-worthy.

How to Get There: Since there’s no direct address, you can’t really enter a mountain range into your GPS. What I would suggest is to put the intersection of Fair Street and RT. 9D in your GPS, which is a good place for parking and about a mile south of the Breakneck Ridge trailhead.

Mahnoor Ali
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