Beyond New Paltz: Soiled Doves

Name: Soiled Doves

Location: 410 Main St., Rosendale, NY, 12401

Phone number: N/A

Description: Soiled Doves is considered an antique store in the center of Rosendale. But “antique store” doesn’t feel like an accurate enough term to describe Soiled Doves and the treasure it beholds. With an amazing collection of vintage items and tchotchkes, Soiled Doves resembles what an old time curiosity shop might look like. “You name it, we got it,” Soiled Doves wrote on their Facebook page. The store will catch any passerby’s eye with its lanky mannequins, wearing what appears to be wedding dresses, perched in the storefront’s large bay windows. 

Why Go: You can never anticipate what you might find in Soiled Doves because its collection of art, clothing, books, furnishings and toys is always expanding. It is easy to lose track of time perusing the shelves upon shelves of “finely curated junk.” However, perhaps the best reason to venture to Soiled Doves is to meet the lovely shop owner, Elizabeth. Not only is she an incredibly smart and funny woman, but her knowledge about her items is boundless. 

How to Get There: I’ll spare the directional instructions because, let’s be honest, you’re not going to be driving with a copy of The Oracle, reading to see which right turn you make. You’re just going to dump the address into Google Maps. An important note: Soiled Doves’ hours are — for lack of better words — very weird. In my experience, they usually close before 4 p.m., so if you are interested in exploring Soiled Doves get there early or message them on Facebook @soilddovesrosendale to check if they are open.

Nicole Zanchelli
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