Beyond New Paltz: The Mercantile

Name: The Mercantile

Location: 128 Main St., Gardiner, NY 12525

Phone number: 845-633-8764

Description: The Mercantile is a charming, cozy little bar located about 12 minutes away in the neighboring town of Gardiner. Decorated with funky bar stools, quaint arms chairs and whimsical artwork, this spot brings good vibes and a chill environment. Located in the hub of Gardiner’s downtown shops and restaurants, The Mercantile is known for their happy hour and limited bar food menu, making it the perfect spot for a low-key night with friends. 

Why Go: The Mercantile prides itself on the fact that everything is “hyper-local, handmade and delicious.” Sip on drinks with friends and munch on The Mercantile’s signature popcorn. In addition to food and drinks, the bar also has a wide selection of board games to play while you peruse the menu or sip on your cocktail. If those weren’t enough reasons to go, the staff goes above and beyond to ensure customers are completely satisfied. They are known for their policy, “if you don’t like the drink, give it back and we will make another.”

How to Get There: The drive from New Paltz to The Mercantile is pretty straight forward. If leaving from near campus, take NY 208 S/S. Chestnut Street and remain on that road for about five miles. Turn right onto Main Street, and The Mercantile will be on the right!