Beyond New Paltz: The Rosendale Café

Name: The Rosendale Café

Location: 434 Main St., Rosendale, NY, 12472

Phone number: 846-658-9048

Description: The Rosendale Café is a small restaurant that serves vegetarian food and hosts various musicians during the weekend. They have weekend concerts, as well as singer-songwriters on Tuesdays. They also host art exhibits once a month and a weekly chess night. The café champions their veggie menu and ‘60s vibe by creating a warm atmosphere to enjoy your meals in. They are open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, but closed on Wednesdays. 

Why Go: I’ve only been to the Rosendale Café once, but boy did it leave a great impression on me. This quaint eatery and performance space brings the best of the Hudson Valley into its walls.The café is an intimate space where you can share a yummy meal and listen to local musicians play anything from jazz to experimental music. I rarely go out of my way for vegetarian food, but I still enjoyed their wide and affordable selection. It’s a great date night spot, or a cute place to take some friends to!

How to Get There: You’ll have to hop in a car to get here, like most places that are “Beyond New Paltz,” since the town is basically a straight line with one way in and out. If you head up NY-32 North and make a right, it basically takes you all the way there. Take a left on Main Street once you’re in Rosendale, and you’ll come up on the big blue house that is home to the café in less than a mile. It’s only eight miles away from New Paltz, so the drive shouldn’t be too long!

Madalyn Alfonso
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