Beyond New Paltz: Gateway Diner

Name: Gateway Diner

Location: 3579 U.S. Highway 9W, Highland, NY 12528

Phone number: 845-691-6326

Description: This metallic diner sits right on the entrance to the Walkway Over the Hudson, which is a gorgeous walk to clear your mind. The green booths and tables are slightly outdated, but you can’t help but feel enchanted when you walk through the heavy doors. The menu lists everything from breakfast specials to quesadillas and fish dinners, and most are under $15. 

Why Go: Sometimes you just want to get away, and Gateway Diner feels like you are stuck in the ‘70s. From jukeboxes on the booth tables to the fluorescent lighting, eating here is an experience you won’t soon forget. The food is decent, but the atmosphere makes the drive worth it. The people here are always so friendly; it feels like a small-town diner in a bigger city. From cheerful waitresses to kind patrons, this diner makes a somewhat large world seem not-so-bad.

How to Get There: Head onto Main Street towards Poughkeepsie. Take a right onto Rt. 9W, and follow it until you see the Gateway Diner’s brightly lit sign on your right about five miles down. It’s a great night drive to clear your head as well. As for those without a car, I would say your best bet is to call an Uber and sit back to enjoy the ride.

Shyana Fisher
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