Body Politics

jen newman

Casually browsing Tumblr I stumbled across a post featuring the different body types women have. You know, the one where they take the intricate and complicated essence of the female anatomy and simplify it into fruits. According to this post, you either have a banana, apple, pear or hourglass figure, and as one ‘witty’ commentator suggested, there’s also the watermelon woman.

The more I think about it, the more messed up it gets. How is it that men get to wear baggy Aeropostale t-shirts that don’t even show their beer gut in-progress without a second glance, yet women are expected to not only have a perfect body, but show it off daily.

Why is it that women have to be objectified to physical scrutiny for perfection?

Right now you’re either saying “f-yeah go female empowerment! let’s not shave!” or you think this is just another feminist rant bashing men. Well, it’s neither.

I’m not going to lie, I love to have smooth legs. I love wearing dresses (sometimes) and makeup. The thing to remember is not all women have 2 hours every morning to ‘put on their face’ and look ‘perfect.’ Not all of them want to, and frankly,none of them need to. Men don’t do it and I sure as hell didn’t today.

I’m also not bashing men. I love men. I love their arms (don’t judge me.) But until I see a man get ready in the morning with more than a toothbrush, clothes and occasionally a comb, then a woman shouldn’t be expected to need three drawers worth of beauty products.

There’s a point coming up soon, I promise. We’re all hypocrites, let’s be real. You’re gonna judge the person walking around campus in some crazy New Paltz hippy outfit. That’s your prerogative. However, don’t ask a girl if she’s tired just because she’s not wearing eye liner. Don’t not date a girl just because her hips don’t lie and most importantly, so help me, if you ever call a girl a watermelon you deserve whatever comes to you.

And girls? You do you.