Briana Says “Au Revoir, Adios” to The Oracle

After what feels like three painfully short semesters, I hate having to leave this staff behind.

Through highs and lows, this newspaper has enriched my college experience like no other organization could. I’m so happy to have gotten to know and learn from such talented, passionate, caring individuals who welcomed me like no group of people has before. When I think about where I began my journalism journey, I will always think of you all and these bright, orange walls.

Mel: If not for you, I shudder to think that I never would have joined. I know you were just doing your job recruiting in J2 our sophomore year, but I want you to know that you actually pushed me to take this beautiful opportunity that I won’t soon forget. Working so closely with you as page editor, even for one semester, was really wonderful because you are a wonderful human. Best of luck at The Gazette and beyond, you are destined to do great things.

Rachael: When you were still a copy editor, you showed me the ropes and I always felt comfortable coming to you with questions during my first semester. I know you’ll carry on your strong leadership and organizational skills as EIC.

Meg: I can’t say enough kind things about you. I’m so happy we’ve become closer since your first production night when neither of us spoke a word at the copy desk. We’ve come so far and we’re moving on to awesome things—please keep in touch!

Anthony: You were a really chill person to sit next to as page editor, always keeping your cool even when things got mega stressful. You’re such a talented writer, and you should be so proud of everything you’ve done for this paper over so many semesters.

Mike: Thanks for bonding with me over “How I Met Your Mother” my first semester here and making me feel so welcome. You’re so driven and truly care about what you do; it always inspires me. 

Madalyn: Thank you for being such a kick-ass copy editor and making my job so easy. Now’s your time to shine, girl. You have this creative spark that I know will ignite fabulous work in the A&E section next semester. Don’t hesitate to ask for guidance because I’m still always here for that.

Natalie: You’ve grown so much as a writer since you joined, and I loved reading all your stories this semester. You have great ideas and a curious energy that will help you thrive as features editor. Your voice is so important to this paper, so never be afraid to use it.

Matt: You’re one of the most likable people and it was refreshing to walk into the office and see you hard at work all semester. You bring values of work ethic and respectability to the table that will be vital to the news section, and I can’t wait to see the work you do in your new position.

Chris: I’ve always really admired your passion for journalism and your ability to speak your mind so effortlessly. Best of luck going forward, I know you’ll do great things.

Rob: I think I speak for everyone when I say that you’ve brought a light-heartedness to the office that we all sorely needed. Your ability to bring people together is incredible, and you are a phenomenal journalist. Good luck as Managing Editor, but I know you won’t need it.

Jack & Amanda: This is going to sound extra but I feel like I wouldn’t have risen to A&E Editor without you guys. Your support, kind words and mentorship gave me so much confidence during my first year on staff. I admire you both big time and hope we can meet up sometime soon.

Kristen, Jess & Melissa: You are the absolute sweetest people and great journalists. You made my first semester on The Oracle a really smooth transition with your patience and smiles. Congrats on all your accomplishments.

Sam: When I took this position, I only hoped I would do as well as you did. You set such a high standard for great work and professionalism that I believe has made me better and given me something to aspire to. You rock, and congrats on all you’ve accomplished so far!

Erica: When we joined together as features copy editors, I couldn’t believe you lived so close to me back at home. You made me feel so comfortable with your warm, bubbly personality, and I was always so impressed by your work!

Jackson: I truly appreciate all the work you did at The Oracle. Thanks for making me laugh probably more than anyone that’s been on staff.

Julia: You just joined and you’re already a superstar. Thanks so much for writing for the A&E section completely unprompted twice this semester. I know you’ll continue to do awesome work!

Brandon: I cannot overstate how proud I am of you for all your hard work and growth at this paper and in life. Thank you for listening to my daily Oracle-related ramblings. Hopefully your ears can rest easy now … or until I start at Chronogram. I love you more than cupcakes.

I’d like to thank all my friends, family and professors. Your support and encouragement during my time at The Oracle have meant the world. It has truly been my highest pleasure to be A&E Editor this semester, and I hope you all enjoyed my work. On to my next dream…