Bunnies of New Paltz

Bunnies of New Paltz features the friendliest, most
adventurous bunnies located across the New Paltz area. This week’s featured bunny was spotted hopping around outside of the Humanities building.

Name and Breed

Upon my exit of the terrifyingly unpredictable side door of Humanities, I instantly noticed a fluffy blob of black and white hopping along the honey locust-covered sidewalk, who was delightfully surrounded by a tiny huddle of captivated students.

This oreo-esque bundle of fluff was named after Nyx, a greek goddess of the night sky, since he “has a lot of spots like stars” said his adoptive owner, fourth-year English (Creative Writing) major Emily Cerrone. He also just celebrated his first birthday on Aug. 25.

About Nyxie

While Nyxie has a strong love for frozen berries, his heart belongs to his ultimate favorite snack, bananas (sorry, carrots). At home, he is surrounded by several toys and items to chew, and his favorite stuffed animal is a brown bunny, with whom he cuddles and comforts in his cage, amidst bedding, rabbit pellets and coupon paper. He also has a fish brother named Humphrey, who must be in wonderstruck of his ability to play in a waterless environment!

Nyxie’s Pasttimes

Nyxie is the reigning champ at a new type of performance art, where he hops in circles and dances with pieces of paper in his mouth, called hop twirl, hot skip. All the cool bunnies are doing it these days.

Nicknamed “the king” and “the prince,” Nyxie expresses a sense of top hat bunny energy and is super friendly and unafraid when it comes to human interaction. After all, he was named after a strong spirit of the night sky, so why would the homosapien species frighten him? If Nyxie had an Instagram, his bio would read “NP ‘19 | catch me outside, hop ‘bout dat?”

Nyxie is on his merry way towards fame, that is, while he isn’t too busy capturing people’s hearts and eyes.

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