Businesses Join Forces For a Night of Drinks and Karaoke

One of the things that makes New Paltz great is that local businesses support one another. Very often, businesses try to cross-promote in an effort to not only build up their brand but also to create a sense of community for the town. 

Enter McFoxlin’s, the bar and restaurant, and Crust & Magic, the DIY clothing store. They have collaborated once again, with Crust & Magic setting up a pop-up shop in the bar while guests were free to try McFoxlin’s unique drinks and their hand at karaoke. The event was held on Friday, Nov. 15, from 8 p.m. to midnight.

The vibe of the bar was relaxed and welcoming. McFoxlin’s bar served finely crafted drinks through the evening, while many of the patrons tried carrying a tune in karaoke. Cool purple and green lighting covered not only the bar, but the pop-up shop as well. 

Dozens of pieces of clothing were on display from Crust & Magic, all featuring Alexa Floresta’s gritty yet colorful and comical designs. Patrons could not only mingle amongst themselves, but peruse and purchase an outfit to bring home with them.

How exactly did the collaboration between both businesses begin? 

When Emily Fox opened the bar six months ago, she realized she needed something to draw in customers. Through the connection of a mutual friend who worked at McFoxlin’s, Fox was in talks with Floresta, and plans to host the first pop-up shop were soon underway. 

Floresta considers the pop-up events to be a great way to get her work out in the community and to get people together. 

“The pop-up events started because I started developing that further and further. If you collaborate with different businesses, you reach different audiences you wouldn’t have otherwise tapped into,” Floresta said. “I really like the idea of throwing parties and events, and if you work with bars, they have the means to provide food and beverages which is awesome.” 

Previous venues for the pop-up shops include Fuchsia Tiki and Bacchus. 

Fox also believes that cross-promotions like these are what makes the New Paltz community feel like a community.

“I think it’s fun just because it gets different people in here,” Fox said. “It’s gratifying that every day we’re expanding our network and expanding the number of people that know we exist.”

Nothing is currently set in stone for future pop-up events at local venues, but Floresta plans to bring her work to the SUNY New Paltz campus on Nov. 21. McFoxlin’s will be hosting a Bottle Share event on Nov. 22 and a Thanksgiving event on Nov. 28.