By Golly, Try this Cauli

What you need:

1   large   head   of   cauliflower,   cut   into   florets 

1/2   cup   of   all   purpose   flour

2   large   eggs

2   cloves   of   garlic

1   tablespoon   of   chopped   scallions 

Pinch   of  salt and pepper

Olive   oil

1. On   a   cutting   board,   chop   cauliflower   into  small   pieces,   about   the   size   of   a   pea   or   smaller.   Cook the cauliflower in boiling water for three to five minutes until   fork   tender.

2. Measure   out   four   cups   of   chopped   cauliflower.   Mix   the   cauliflower,   flour,   eggs,   scallions,   salt   and   pepper   in   large mixing   bowl   using   a   whisk   until   ingredients   are   well   combined.  Preheat   a   frying   pan   on   medium   to   high   heat.   Coat   the   bottom   of   the   pan with olive oil.

3. Line   a   plate   with   a   paper   towel.   Scoop   out   about   two to three   tablespoon   mounds   of   the   cauliflower   mixture   and   press   it onto   the   pan   using   a   spatula   to   make   a   round   shape.   You   want   the   fritter   to   be   about   the   size   of   your palm.   

4. Put   two   cloves   of   garlic   in   the   pan   to   cook   with   the   fritters.  Cook   each   fritter   for   2-3   minutes   on   each   side   or   until   golden   brown.   Place   the   fritters   on   the   paper-towel   lined plate.  Serve   with   sour   cream   and   scallions,   if   desired.


Madalyn Alfonso
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