Can The Mets Trade Carlos Beltran?

One of the lingering questions that has been in the back of Mets fans’ minds is the future of their current center fielder (or right fielder maybe?), Carlos Beltran.

Beltran is a polarizing figure who incites different opinions from fans and no camp is truly sure if they have the right answer.

Beltran came to the “new” Mets in January 2005 and promised that brighter days were ahead.

When the cameras flashed and Beltran smiled, I have to say even I believed him. Despite the dark ages of the Art Howe era still fresh in my mind, I actually had hope that maybe this guy was right – maybe a new era had begun.

Well, he was right, sort of.

2006 was the year that I will remember forever. The 2006 Mets were the best team in baseball and had an aura around them that was reminiscent of the former glory teams of Mets’ past.

Their offense was terrifying. Their swagger was undeniable. Their intensity was second to none. Even with a crippled pitching staff they made it within one out to the World Series.

Then, Adam Wainwright changed Mets history. With one pitch he also changed Beltran’s reputation. When Beltran struck out – everything changed.

Suddenly Beltran went from our dynamic five-tool player to a demonized scapegoat that many believed needed to be traded. His lack of attitude and seemingly passive demeanor did not sit well with the New York fans who demand excellence.

Now the question is – can the Mets trade Beltran?

There are pros and cons to a potential trade of the former glamorized star.

A potential seeker of Beltran’s ability could remember the time when Beltran was one of, if not the, best center fielder in baseball. He is a gold glover who hit 30+ home runs and was a stolen base threat. In essence he was the perfect No. 3 hitter.

However, teams looking at a possible trade for Beltran are more likely to remember the center fielder’s more recent escapades.

Beltran was hurt for most of last season, and his knees are still in question. It is a major concern if he can still be the player he once was.

When he returned from his injury last summer he looked slow and like a shell of his former self.

Would anyone still want Beltran and his mammoth contract?

Actually, yes.

There have been rumors springing up at this weeks Winter Meetings that have connected Beltran to the Red Sox. However, their recent signing of Carl Crawford blocks that idea.

If by some miracle the Mets are able to unload Beltran and his contact on anyone, I would do it in a heartbeat. A package of one or two pitching prospects could be a step in the right direction that the Mets desperately need to be a contender in the future.