Cats of New Paltz: Bear the Cat!

Cats of New Paltz features the friendliest, most adventurous cats located across the New Paltz area. This week’s featured cat belongs to a local SUNY New Paltz student.

On this week’s edition of Cats of New Paltz, I had the pleasure of meeting with the grizzliest of bears, I mean cats. This mighty yet cuddly kitty goes by the name of Bear.
Bear’s owner, fourth-year music therapy major Caroline Greco, adopted Bear at a shelter on Long Island when Greco was in middle school. She picked the grey kitty because she was the smallest one.

Name and Breed

Bear is a grey tiger cat between 7 or 8 years old. She may be an older lady, but she has the spirit of a youngin. Bear’s nicknames include: Baby Bear, Baby B, Pizza Girl, and Princess Bear. All tiger cats are tabbies. Tiger cats are known to be mysterious and whimsical, and Bear fits that description.

About Bear

She loves to sunbathe in the front window, birdwatch, meow for attention and play fetch with her mama.
Her favorite foods are: seafood pate (Fancy Feast) and dairy and seafood flavored treats.

Bear’s special talent is being able to jump extremely high. Greco’s fondest memories of Bear, the trapeze act herself, was when she knocked over a small table, throwing the phone off the table. Baby Bear was embarrassed with her ears pinned backwards (also known as “peaks”). You can catch Bear hanging out when she is sitting on Greco’s lap and cuddling up near her neck. Bear tolerates her dad, Greco’s boyfriend, Ruairi O’Loughlin, but not as much as she loves her mom.

Bear’s Pastimes

Bear enjoys playing with toys, including “garbage toys.” The plastic rings on orange juice containers are one of the things Bear can’t get enough of. “She will play fetch and bring it right back,” Greco said.

Catnip bubbles keep Bear busy. Bear’s super keen senses know the sound of the bubbles being opened. Each time, a small dance strikes her step and she curiously pops the bubbles on her paw and nose.