Cats of New Paltz

In honor of Halloween, The New Paltz Oracle presents Cats of New Paltz! This week’s featured cat is a four-to-five-month old black cat named Daisy. She belongs to a SUNY New Paltz student.

The month of October has come to a close, thus bringing an end to the beloved Halloween season. In order to commemorate the time of ghouls, witches and ghosts, I decided to change things up for this week’s edition of Dogs of New Paltz. 

Instead, I will be moving the spotlight to Cats of New Paltz! In particular, I decided to interview perhaps the scariest breed of them all, the black cat. 

On the eve of Halloween, I walked to my friend Bridget McGuigan’s house to get to know her four-to-five month old black cat, Daisy. 

Daisy’s actual age is the subject of speculation due to the fact that her litter was found in a nearby landfill. Bridget adopted Daisy in late August after the unfortunate passing of her previous cat, Sparky. According to Bridget, she took one look at Daisy and exclaimed, “My god, she’s perfect!” 

SUNY New Paltz student Bridget McGuigan cuddles up to her little baby black cat, Daisy. Daisy was adopted in late August.

Daisy (or “my little baby” as Bridget has taken to calling her), has been described as “very prissy.” Bridget told me all about a theory she has about how all female black cats tend to have a very similar closed-off attitude. 

“[They] decide to like you when they like you,” McGuigan said. 

After spending barely half an hour with Daisy, I could tell that Bridget has a cat with quite the personality on her hands. There was hardly a dull moment with Daisy, as she climbed all over the room (and Bridget’s back) and meowed incessantly as I spoke with Bridget. 

“She’s like Fran Drescher,” said McGuigan, “she’s very loud, wants your attention, she’s glam.” 

Despite the superstition that black cats bring bad luck, I think we’re actually very lucky to have black cats in our lives! These cats tend to have lower adoption rates in shelters due to society’s superstitions. So, if you’re ever at your local shelter and lock eyes with a potential perfect little baby of your own, consider adoption!