Chelsea Clinton Calls to “Get Out The Vote” in Kingston

Clinton talks to the crowd at the "Get Out The Vote" event in Kingston on Sunday. Photo by Nate Sheidlower.

In Chelsea Clinton 40-minute speech, she drove home her mother’s stance on health care, women’s rights, gun control and a positive future for American children to the roughly 300 people filling the Senate Garage in Kingston on April 10.

Despite its name, the Senate Garage is a gallery on N. Front Street full of industrial artwork. Stones hang from copper wire, small black bricks make up reflective panels on the walls and long strands of black hair reveal intrinsic patterns on beige tarps.

It was in this sun-lit room that local Hillary Clinton supporters and Hudson Valley politicians such as New Paltz Village Mayor Tim Rogers, Ulster County Executive Mike Hein and Assemblyman Kevin Cahill gathered at the Garage to hear Chelsea speak at the Clinton campaign sponsored “Get Out The Vote” event.

Chelsea took time to explain how important this election is to her as not only Hillary’s daughter, but as an American citizen with children.

“This election feels so personal to me, because I am now a mom,” she said. “I know that whomever we elect will play such a profound role in what the country and future will be for our children.”

Chelsea spoke of her concerns over gun control, the overturning of Citizens United and the prevalent existence of sexism in America, as well as calling attention to her mother’s notable work for the government “in and out of office.”

“Don’t forget, it was Hillarycare before it was Obamacare,” Chelsea said. “I think she really knows how to take us from 90 percent health care coverage to 100 percent coverage.”

For many Hillary supporters, the risk of Obamacare and the legacy of the Obama administration’s work becoming obsolete under a Republican president is a real fear. Chelsea explained that as a mother expecting a second child, her mother’s initiative in 2015 to move towards more prenatal health care is extremely important.

“All of that progress we have made is at risk in this coming election,” she said.

Chelsea said her mother’s ability to work with anyone regardless of their political standing is an important quality in order to “solve problems with unlikely allies.” Chelsea referred to Hilary’s work with Tom Delay, the acclaimed grandfather of the Tea Party. They worked together on the Child Health Program that insures over eight million low income children.

Chelsea noted that although a national poll stated 91 percent of Americans would be willing to vote for a female president, there is still that remaining 9 percent representing millions of Americans who would not.

She claimed to find it challenging that Bernie Sanders sees women’s issues “as a distraction.” She said she fears under a Republican president, policies which currently exist protecting foreign women from domestic violence would possibly be cut.

She also said it will be difficult to tell women of other countries that “we just don’t care anymore,” and that, in her opinion, these women should always be able to apply for and receive asylum in America.

“A revolution lead by a strong woman I trust like Hilary Clinton, that is a revolution I can get behind,” said a female supporter in the audience.

Many more female supporters in the audience voiced their amazement that a female president is even possible as it is something they never thought possible when they were young.

The New York Primaries are today, April 19. The New Paltz Oracle will be publishing an article on the results as well as an editorial in Thursday’s upcoming issue.