The New Paltz Community Reviews the Thrilling “Cocaine Bear” 

Art Courtesy: Greta Hahn

“No like…that bear was on cocaine. This is what they told us it would be and they delivered it greatly. Simple as that. Take notes Spielberg.” 5/5 stars

– Alli Dempsey, A&E Page Editor’s Letterboxd 

“A gore fest with an alright plot and a great cast. they advertised it as such and they delivered.” 3.5/5 stars

-Spencer Longo, third-year media production major 

“I was horrified. I didn’t think that it would be that graphic but it was. A shocking movie honestly but like sometimes in a good way. Cocaine Bear — I closed my eyes. 3/5 stars

-Lianna Maley, fourth-year graphic design major

“Fierce and gory.” 4/5 stars

-New Paltz alum Chris Lunetta

“I enjoyed the movie. It was very funny and campy, and I thought it was very gory, much more gory than I expected and I wish that the park ranger Queen could have lived” 3.5/5 stars

-Kevin Maguire, fourth-year psychology major 

“Crazy, unrealistic and stupid but also brilliant and hilarious.” 5/5 stars

-Erin Mulgrew, Grad student

“Cocaine Bear is a must watch, I was laughing throughout the whole film! I believe the movie had perfect casting and directorial direction by Elizabeth Banks.” 5/5 stars

-Sophia DeStefano, fourth-year communications and public relations major

“So bizarre. Loved Margo Martindale.” 3/5 stars 

-Emily Schreier, fourth-year marketing major

“Cocaine Bear is a great concept, and the movie itself had its share of gory death scenes and memorable lines. However, many of the jokes fell flat, and for a movie set in the ‘80s, not much was done to evoke that time period.” 2/5 stars

-Alex Bologna, fourth-year digital media production major

“It was a very enjoyable movie with a great cast. The story and set up was good but personally I feel the CGI was a bit excessive and it was not historically accurate at times.” 5/5 stars

-New Paltz local Preston DeWitt 

“Cinema is back” 5/5 stars -Alicia Daley,  third-year art education major

“Watching the trailers made it seem like a stupid movie but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a really funny period piece. I also thought the actors and cameos were really funny and made the movie more enjoyable.” 3.5/5 stars

-Ryan Simmons, third- year digital media management major

“Cocaine Bear is a ‘shut your brain off movie’ — the type of movie you go to without needing to know anything about it. Nonetheless, it’s a funny — unexpectedly gory — movie about girl bosses (the cocaine bear, herself).” 3/5 stars

-Brianna Andrews, fourth-year Art Education major

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