College Dining on a Dime: Kosiner Brothers

Photo by Sage Higgins.

I couldn’t think of anything better than french fries and donuts for lunch. The Kosiner Brothers thankfully supplied me my dream meal.

The Kosiner Brothers have three eateries located on Water Street in New Paltz, New York, The Kosiner Brothers Hot Dog Cart, Dohnut and the Kosiner Brothers Fry Shack.

The Kosiner Brothers Hot Dog Cart, according to their website,, offers a nostalgic street dog grilled up and topped with unique homemade toppings. They source fresh local ingredients and serve a variety of hot dogs from Sabrett’s to organic meat, to veggie or vegan dogs.

Dohnut serves cake donuts and offer up to six flavors a day. Always check their Facebook for daily flavor updates or even email to request your own flavor (I suggest a pumpkin spice donut, but that’s just me).

Lastly, their latest business venture, The Kosiner Brothers Fry Shack, specializes in fresh cut french fries and an array of different sauces such as pesto mayo, curry ketchup and peanut sauce. When it gets too cold to enjoy the hot dog cart outside, the dogs can be found inside the fry shack.

But what are the Kosiner brothers all about? According to their website, Jed and Brock Kosiner, co-owners of the eateries, grew up in a small beach town in Long Beach and always wanted to go into business together.

“We knew Waterstreet Market wanted a hot dog cart and it slowly evolved into what it is now,” the Kosiners said. “We like the idea of big things in small spaces, which is why we decided to keep the eateries separate.”

The Kosiner Brothers also care a lot about community and helping out other local businesses.

“We source locally,” they said. “We support local businesses and vice versa. Even the guys at the Bike Depot wear our donut shirts.”

Before going into this culinary journey, I made sure to have an empty stomach and an open mind for the different sweet and savory flavors.

First, I started at the Fry Shack, where I enjoyed great conversation with the brothers and equally great garlic and parmesan fries. Loaded with cheese and just enough garlic, these hand cut fries tasted fresh and didn’t even need the ketchup.

My favorite part was the sweet aspect of my decadent lunch: the donut. I went with a simple strawberry iced donut to see how the brothers made a classic donut.

This donut was out of this world delicious. I’m not even exaggerating. I was able to tell that real strawberries were used in the glaze and the donut was fresh. It was so delicious, I had to go back and buy another.

For discounts, the Kosiner Brothers keep students in mind. Always check their Facebook pages (Kosiner Brothers Hot Dog Cart, Kosiner Brothers Dohnut Shop and Kosiner Brothers Fry Shack) for discounts and daily specials.