College Dining On A Dime: The Beacon Bite

Looking for delicious food outside the restaurant setting? The Beacon Bite, located at 416 Main Street in Beacon, is a seasonal food truck that serves eats with bold, delicious flavors. Co-owner, Dalton Edwards and co-owner/chef, Josh Venne are the masterminds behind the operation. They gave me the inside scoop of the inner workings of mobile dining.

Venne and Edwards, both graduates of the Culinary Institute of America, wanted to bring the concept of the food truck to Beacon.

“Both of us have backgrounds in Austin, Texas,” Venn said. “There are a couple different concepts that are really big in the south and southwest that have just not made it up to the northeast and foods truck and trailers are one of them. That just made the most sense for us to do.”

What makes this eatery even more unique is its rotating menu. The menu changes every week or more. Even with the changes, The Beacon Bite keeps some items on the menu constant, like their scallion flatbread pork wrap, wedge fries with peruvian mayonnaise and cabbage tempeh finger wraps.

The Beacon Bite places a high importance on sustainability. Almost all of their products are biodegradable. The Beacon Bite participates in a composting program called Zero To Go. According to the Zero To Go website, “Zero To Go offers services like zero-waste event services, consulting services for everything related to waste in commercial and residential settings, compost pickup, and the sale of compostable products (cups, plates, etc.).”

The Beacon Bite had various delicious options for cheap eats. For $9, The Beacon Bite offers the cabbage tempeh finger wraps which are three leaves of Napa cabbage, toasted chili mayo, pickles, peanuts, slaw, ginger sesame vinaigrette and soy glazed tempeh.

To be honest, I thought I was going to miss the traditional tortilla wrap. But one bite into these cabbage wraps made me turn on my previous views. A tortilla wrap would have been a disadvantage to these flavors. The cabbage was crisp and light. It allowed the tempeh and the ginger sesame vinaigrette to steal the show.

Another under-$10 item are the tripled fried wedge fries with peruvian mayonnaise ($6) which are triple fried skin-on russet potatoes and mayo with sour cream, lime juice, queso fresco and ají amarillo. I feel as if I am a self proclaimed french fry enthusiast and triple fried french fries made all the difference,  especially paired with the mayo. Leave the ketchup behind because this peruvian mayo is perfect and decadent to these indulgent fries. I had to get two orders and believe me, I wouldn’t share.  The Beacon Bite can be found on Facebook (, Instagram (@thebeaconbite) and Twitter (@TheBiteBeacon).