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melissa kramerBefore I begin, I am going to go ahead and say it. This article is about me, a journalist, writing about my personal experiences and journey as a writer. Very meta, I must say. I’ve been told, “write about your experiences, life moments that have the utmost significance to you.” Well, in my 19 years on this earth, there have been several of those. How am I going to select just one?

Since I have been in college, a whole bunch of doors in my life have opened.

It all started with a, “I can help and start tonight” at a club fair which opened the door to begin living my dream.

After securing the task of writing the sports news for WFNP 88.7 Edge News every night and going on the air and broadcasting multiple nights a week, I have been beyond grateful. Just the mere idea of having the opportunity to hear my name in a news broadcast is completely unbelievable. And suddenly, this semester my “online only” radio show has become an FM show, streaming all over the Hudson Valley. I have a huge passion for music, and to be able to share it with “at least a million people” all over the region is mind-blowing. To those of that 1 million who actually listen-in, I salute you.

On a side note, I am known as, “The Black Keys’ biggest fan.” Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney are the hardest working people I know. These two men are my idols, who have had an enormous influence on my life. They came to fame off of nothing but hard work and determination. If they have finished work every day feeling that they didn’t do everything they possibly can, they classify it as an unsuccessful day. That is the mindset I take with me every day. On the road to accomplishing my dreams, I aspire to be like the people and workers they are.

Just when I thought the move to college could not get any better, I received a message during winter break that forever changed my life. I still remember the exact words. It read:

“Hey, would you like to join The Oracle and become a sports copy editor?”

Without any hesitation, I replied back to the message, “Of course!”

From there, I have had the greatest month and a half of my life being a staff member on The Oracle. Psychologically and emotionally I have felt more confident. I have felt the security that I’ve been looking for my whole life. The mere fact that I am participating in my career field is baffling in itself.

Every day I question, ‘how did I of all people receive this opportunity?’

I am thankful every day for this chance. Every day, even on our off-days, I am always making sure I contribute in any way I can to the paper.

I go to “battle” with the most incredible coworkers I could ask for. I learn something new from them every day. I am a part of an unbelievable group of hardworking, dedicated individuals who share the same passion.

To see something you have written published is a feeling that cannot be formulated into words. To hear that it was read and enjoyed is on a whole other level. Every blunder I edit, every suggestion I make, I feel like I am contributing to the greatest cause.

I now feel that I am worth something.

The last month and a half has been nothing but a dream come true. You never know where a simple, “hello” and inquiring interest can lead to.

It has always been said, work is not “work” if you are doing something you love every day.

It has been nothing short of a complete honor to be living my dream. The overwhelming support I have received from my friends and family have been more than I can ever ask for.

It took a lot of debate whether or not this career choice was the right one. Now, I know it. This is where I belong. I’ve made it.

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Melissa Kramer is a fourth-year journalism major who lives for sports and music.