Come for the Coffee, Stay for the Show

Local musicians took the stage with some acoustic jams at New Paltz’s favorite coffee shop last Saturday.

58 Main St. is the home of studying students, blossoming friendships and, quite often, live music.

New Paltz locals Ciarra Fragale, 20, and Joey Wright, 22,  performed a selection of their songs and were welcomed by a bustling crowd at the bohemian-esque shop on Saturday, Sept. 9.

“Cafeteria is a dimly lit, almost rustic coffee shop featuring a relaxed atmosphere,” said 21-year-old employee and filmmaker Ben Weinstein. “It’s hella cozy and mad indie.”

The night began a little after 7 p.m. with Wright’s performance. Born in Buffalo, he’s roamed around from New Paltz to Philadelphia, where he currently resides. His performance lasted about an hour as he sang an array of acoustic songs: a mix of originals he’s worked on individually and the rest off his band’s latest record, Phantom Limbs‚ which was released last March. 

“I love playing in coffee shops,” Wright said. “It’s such a different feeling. It’s always a challenge as a performer to get the attention of the audience in a place like Cafeteria because not everyone is there for the music. It’s so laid back and homey. It’s such a good crowd.”

Wright isn’t used to playing coffee shops as of late, however, since he’s been working with his band Sleepwalking, which is more focused on indie and rock music. 

“We basically play indie rock,” Wright said. “A little emo sometime, but I’d say it’s a type of spacey indie rock. Personally, I’ve always liked punk music, but my path always seems to lead back to indie.”

Fragale and Wright have played together multiple times ever since living across the hall from one another in an apartment complex. They have each played at Cafeteria an abundance of times.

At around 8 p.m., Fragale took the stage. Hailing from Montgomery, NY, she poured her heart out playing original songs, mostly off of her new record Seasons which came out in April 2017. 

Fragale personally holds Cafeteria in high esteem because it’s a place she’s always been able to express herself. 

“Cafeteria is really where I got my start,” Fragale said. “It holds a very special place in my heart. Cafeteria is great because it’s a place I can go and try out new material since it has such a chill vibe. It’s a judgment free zone.”

Fragale’s music is an essential piece of her life. She wrote, recorded and produced her album, Seasons, all on her own.

“I’m really proud of it,” Fragale said. “I made it at a time in my life where I really needed to make something; it was really cathartic and the fact that I did it all by myself makes me even more proud of it. It was really a labor of love.”

Fragale commanded the stage and audience’s attention as she played until 9 p.m. Once the music ended, a number of the caffeinated patrons emptied the shop, but not before congratulating the performers for an evening of entertainment. 

Cafeteria typically hosts music shows twice a week, maintaining their classic, casual climate while drawing people in with music and coffee all the while. 

You can find Phantom Limbs and Seasons on

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