Committee Seats Filled at Council

Several club representatives were confirmed to Student Association (SA) committees at the second Council of Organizations meeting of the semester on Tuesday, Sept. 14.

At the beginning of the meeting, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Governance Caitlin Ryan was the first to address the council, informing everyone of a number of groups to get involved in for the new academic year. Ryan encouraged all to attend the academic senate meetings. The first was held on the same day, where she said “the student’s perspective” was frequently mentioned. However, only two students were present.

Once Ryan was finished, SA President Jennifer Sanchez addressed the council with a brief announcement regarding more available positions. SA is still looking for nominees to the judicial board and, due to “requests to start it up again,” Sanchez said they’re looking for students to join the Senior Week Committee.

SA Executive Vice President Eve Stern was next to take the floor, and said the New Paltz Police Department will have officers patrolling backstreets as well.

Stern also said that she attended the fire department’s hearing for going district on Monday, Sept. 13. Representatives of the department attended the first council meeting, asking that everyone be in attendance for the hearing.

Having attended the hearing, Stern said she’d try and inform everyone as best she could.

“I might type up a list of the pros and cons,” she said, “but I encourage you all to find out what is going on.” For more information on the subject check,

Before the meeting’s end, elections were held and a number of seats on various committees were filled.

Two of the five available spots on the Budget and Finance Committee were filled by Lissette Espinal and Jesse Solotoff, and Kenneth Baggs, Kristine Rose and Espinal were then confirmed to the Constitution and Rules Committee.

After these confirmations, elections for the SA Programming Board were held. The members elected included Cindy Ip, Kevin Kleeman, Brad Gorfein, Natalie Felsenfeld and Kristine Rose. Immediately before the meeting’s end, Rose Faber was confirmed as the Vice Chair of the Council of Organizations.

The next meeting of the Council of Organizations will be held on Monday, Sept. 27 in Student Union 62/63.