Construction Causes Parking Lot Closures

Photo by Robin Weinstein.
Photo by Robin Weinstein.
Photo by Robin Weinstein.

Continued construction has forced the closure of three parking lots on the SUNY New Paltz campus.

In an email sent out to the campus community on Wednesday, March 23, University Police Department (UPD) Chief David Dugatkin cautioned both drivers and pedestrians of the closings to Lots 18, 19 and 29. The lots have been closed due to the construction of the new science building.

In preparation for lot closings, the college expanded Lot 28, located on the east side of Route 32. Dugatkin said in the email that UPD presence in the area will be added due to the closing.

“UPD will increase traffic patrols and enforcement in the area to remind both pedestrians and motorists to stay alert, be aware and follow the rules of the road,” Dugatkin said in the email. “Also, the college has added an additional pedestrian crosswalk sign in the area of Lot 28 to remind drivers of their responsibilities.”

The lot closings are the latest in a series of closures made in light of several campus construction and renovation projects. Director of Facilities Design and Construction John McEnrue said even with the three recent closings, with the Lot 18 closing being permanent to build the new science building, there are recent parking openings for students to use.

“West Student Parking Lot 40, located on the west side of Lenape Hall, was built in 2013 to accommodate for the creation of our new residence hall, currently under construction, and for the loss of West Student Parking Lot 37A,” McEnrue said.

Dugatkin said since providing UPD officers at the pedestrian crosswalk, parking and commuting on campus have remained without incident.

“It hasn’t had much of an impact [on traffic]. Everything has gone pretty smoothly,” Dugatkin said. “The perception is we’re losing parking, but the school has expanded parking at Lot 28 to accommodate for the closings while the opening of the lot behind Lenape has provided more parking. The parking for some may be farther than in the past, but it is available.”

Dugatkin and McEnrue both said they have received few complaints about parking options being too few or too hard to find.

“The response to the closings have been relatively quiet to date,” McEnrue said. “One student sent me an email expressing her angst but otherwise, students, faculty and staff seem to be adjusting well. Route 32, Lot 28 is very close to the Student Union building  and Haggerty Administration Building and the core academic buildings are directly behind them so the walk to these facilities are not as far as people may have initially imagined.”