Copy Couch Recommends: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Grab your popcorn and a favorite drink; you’re going to be glued to the TV for the next few weeks. The addicting show of choice? “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”

Since Friday Oct. 12, 2018, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” or “CXG” as dubbed by fans, is now three episodes deep into its fourth and final season.

Now I know what you’re thinking. A: you’ve seen enough romantic shows with bland plot lines to last you a lifetime. B: you’ve probably never heard of it which makes you assume it’s bad and C: with a title like “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” you could probably give a solid guess on what 99 percent of the show is going to be about. 

If you just thought about any of these scenarios, then congratulations! You’re seriously mistaken. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is so much more than what the title makes it seem. 

With it’s a huge cast of unique lovable characters, side-splitting comedy, super inappropriate musical numbers and it’s refreshing take on mental illness, CXG is one show you can’t afford to miss.

The shows’ humor-filled discography quite literally has at least one song from every genre imaginable. From pop, to country, to rap, to straight Broadway musical theatre, CXG is guaranteed to have a song that hits it off for you.

The show revolves around Scarsdale born, Jewish hot shot lawyer Rebecca Bunch. Having attended both Harvard and Yale Law School (undergraduate and graduate respectively) she finds herself working at a top law firm in New York City whilst gradually losing herself into a spiraling depression. 

We follow Rebecca through her trials and tribulations to get her life back on track, which she diverts at all costs by obsessing over her former beau, Joshua Felix Chan. Through each passing episode we realize that Rebecca’s strange obsession with Josh isn’t just as “a crazy ex,” but rather a coping mechanism for the character to avoid her real problems.

“Crazy-Ex Girlfriend” is truly a spectacular hidden gem, so do yourself a life-changing favor, and start watching now.

The first three seasons of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” can be found and binged on Netflix, while the current fourth season airs on the CW every Friday at 9 p.m.