Copy Desk Cook Off: Winner Is Served

This week, the four page editors weigh in on their favorite recipes from this past semester. 

May the best copy desk chef win! 

Cat (Sports): 

Easy. Me.

Did  I publish anything for Copy Desk Cook Off? No. However, I was the only person on this staff to cook for Katherine Speller, so I clearly deserve it. I made her  the famous Tacopina pasta and meatballs, which I don’t do for just anyone. No one else made her food. I did. I win. Boom, toasted.


Carolyn (A&E):

I choose the Angela’s feta cheese as the winner because she wrote about cheese (which is the best food ever) and she also used the word teat (not the best word, but it’s definitely up there).


Maria (News): 

I choose the beautiful and talented Clarissa Moses because she chose “Apple Pie for the Holidays” and she’s the apple of my eye.


Katie (Features): 

 I am the first to admit that I’m always incredibly bad at choosing a winner for this thing. I tend to think everyone is a winner because I’m a card-carrying member of the “everybody gets a trophy” pee-wee soccer generation and I feel guilty because I spend so much time harassing our poor copy desk to give me their time and energy for this weekly column.

But, as I’m a simple-minded person — in the kitchen and out — I really appreciate simplicity in a recipe.

So (drumroll), I’ll have to give the crown of the Copy Desk Cook Off to Caterina for her easy-to-make “eggs.”