Copy Desk Cookoff: Candlelit Winner

Little Lief: I’m a very simple man, so I have to give the nod to Roberto this semester. A roasted chicken is so simple, yet so delicious at the same time. Just reading the sentence about salting the chicken on all sides to make sure it’s crisp makes my mouth water and my stomach needing food. Well done Roberto, well done. You have successfully made me hungry.

Ben: For entirely different reasons, my vote for the most balling Copy Desk Cookoff recipe goes to Sir LoBianco. The demand for excessive consumption of whiskey easily made this the most enticing recipe of the semester.

Suzy: I gotta give this semester’s copy desk trophy to Maddie. Anyone whose recipe is anything more complicated than boiling water is usually too over my head, so the fact that Maddie’s angle was not so much about the cooking, but the eating (and all of the eating, at that), was something I could get behind.

John: Without a doubt, Roberto LoBianco gets my vote for Copy Desk Cookoff champ. When I read his recipe, it reminded me a lot of my own recipe from last semester’s cook off, of which I was the winner. It was as if Roberto was able to execute the meal that I couldn’t quite manage. Congrats.

There you have it. Whiskey wins, again.