Copy Desk Cookoff: Eggs

Sometimes, I really crave breakfast food for any time of the day other than the morning. My favorite breakfast meal: scrambled eggs.

Yes, this seems so drab and to some, just plain gross. But eggs are actually a really great source of protein and if made right, can really turn into a delicious meal.

So, for all you egg lovers out there, here is an egg-making how-to.

For this fancy feast, you will need: two eggs, butter, frying pan, fork, medium mixing bowl, cheddar cheese and a vegetable or meat of your choice.

First, take two large eggs from the carton and crack them into a mixing bowl. Then whisk the eggs with a fork so the yolks become a yellow glop.

Next, take some shredded cheddar cheese and sprinkle it into the goo. I like to cut up squash and put it in the bowl, but you can put peppers, mushrooms, ha-m — –basically whatever you want —into the mixture.

After your gooey concoction is whisked, take your frying pan out, grease it with butter and turn on the burner. After the butter melts, dump your egg mixture into the pan and let it fry for about five to seven minutes while continuously stirring.

Lower the flame once the eggs start to solidify. Once they’re solid and your cheese is melted and veggies cooked, turn off the flame. Plop the scrambled eggs onto your plate, then toast and butter some bread. There you have it!