Copy Desk Cookoff: Fast and Easy French Toast

Prepare this in several minutes and enjoy sweet, vanilla and cinnamon-flavored French toast with a bowl of fruit!


You’ll need:

3 slices of your choice of bread

1 large egg

½ teaspoon vanilla extract and/or cinnamon powder

½ cup of your choice of milk

non-stick cooking spray or butter

confectioner’s sugar

syrup, if desired


In a large cooking bowl, combine milk, egg and vanilla and cinnamon. 

Whisk together for about one minute. 

Then, heat a large skillet on medium heat and spray with non-stick spray or use butter. 

Once the butter is melted throughout the skillet, dip a slice of bread into the bowl of milk, egg and flavoring, making sure that the entire slice absorbs the ingredients. 

Then place the slice on the skillet for about three minutes on each side.


When finished cooking the French Toast, sprinkle confectioner’s sugar onto the top of the stack. 

Add syrup if you want to make it ultra-sweet and flavorful.