Copy Desk Cookoff: Feta Cheese


I’m Greek. Therefore, I love feta cheese. It’s good with pasta, potatoes (baked, fried or boiled), rice, salad and bread. Since the only feta cheese you can get here is located in Hasbrouck and tastes like absolutely nothing, I’m going to show you how to make the salty and delicious goat product (it tastes more appealing than it sounds).

For the freshest feta cheese, you’ll probably want to take a quick trip to Greece. You can also go to Titan Foods in Astoria, Queens which is basically the same thing. The first ingredient you’ll need is one gallon of goat’s milk. It might be easier to buy it at Titan Foods, but I like to make it the natural way.

A goat of Greek heritage obviously produces the best milk but unless you took that trip to Greece, an American goat will do. Make sure you are gentle with the goat as you squeeze the milk from its teat. You can play some Greek music as you do the deed to calm the goat down. Notis Sfakianakis is always a goat favorite.

Other ingredients include yogurt, rennet (enzymes produced in a mammalian stomach) and water. Since rennet is difficult to find in a grocery store, I suggest buying it online — unless you have a spare mammalian stomach lying around in your freezer.

Now this is where it gets tricky. You’re supposed to cut the mixture in some elaborate circular way and use a strainer and mold.

Since I don’t really know what I’m talking about, I recommend taking that trip to Greece while playing with a goat and enjoying the feta cheese served to you by some waiter with a sweet Greek accent.