Copy Desk Cookoff: Grand Finale

News Editor John Brandi: Clearly, it was Suzy because Bev-isms are hilarious and a delight. You should hear her do her impression — it’s even better.

Honestly though, who doesn’t like charcoal popcorn? Burn everything: rules to live by. Stay Gold.

Sports Editor Cat Tacopina: First, props to both of my copy editors, Ben and Kelsey. Ben tapped into my slightly appalling love for bacon, while Kelsey tickled and teased my sweet tooth.

However, I’m an Italian cook myself, so Carolyn, Caterina and Pete really spoke to me. For this one, I’m going to take the side of my girl Carolyn. Pizzelles are simple, great to share with friends and, while they may not be the healthiest, they certainly are satisfying.

A&E Editor Zan Strumfeld: Ben wins, hands down. He clearly took the Cookoff seriously and although I don’t eat bacon, I was impressed with his capabilities of supplying a meal in six minutes.

Features Editor Katherine Speller: I’m really such a Pollyanna about this sort of thing. Everyone has to be a winner in my eyes, I guess. Otherwise, I’d feel bad.

I thought there was merit in just about everyone’s submissions. This column hosted an all-star menu of heart-warming family favorites, classy culinary chops and some genuinely hilarious commentary from our talented and charming copy desk. Honestly, I was impressed by everyone, making this decision really freakin’ hard.

But, a decision has to be made and, by some sick joke, it’s my call. Considering I’m the least culinary apt person I know (I burnt cereal one time), I’m going to have to go with the submission that made me laugh the hardest and pine a bit for the bizarre workings and idiosyncrasies of my own home-kitchen: Suzy’s Tips From Bev!

Thanks for reading and look out for more dishes next semester!